Friday, August 26, 2011

Just When I Thought I Had Figured Out...

God sends the rain to show me that I still have more growing to do. I know that this sounds so repititous in my blog posts, but so is life. How many times have I thought I learned patience, love, kindness, contentment, etc and then all the sudden I realize I am being impatient, unkind, discontented, etc. I don't think we ever actually learn anything, now before you start trying to tell me that we do learn let me explain myself with a simple example. How many times have you "learned" to be patient in your lifetime? if I was to answer that truthfully I doubt I could give you a number that would be visible on paper. Yes, I may have learned to "patiently" wait in line, but that doesn't mean I was patient while waiting on my sister to finish in the bathroom.
Our whole lives are a learning process, and if we start to think that we have something figured out then we better watch out cause that is when God is going to send you the rain clouds. But don't be discouraged, the rain may be wet and sometimes even chill us to the bone, but we are like flowers, the rain is sent to make us grow. Although at times we thought we might die out in the storms, God used it as a growing process. He allows the rain, but he also is the one standing there waiting to bring the sunshine out to dry us off and it's literally at that moment that we realize "oh, I've learned something here". Enjoy the rain as well as the sunshine, it's all sent by the same creator, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to make us grow into beautiful children of God.

Just when I thought I had it figured out,
The rains began to pour,
And the thunder roared,
Just when I thought I had it figured out,
Everything seemed in the wrong,
I could not seem to find a song,
Just when I thought I had it figured out,
The winds began to howl,
The tree's began to bow,
Just when I thought I had it figured out,
It all came tumbling down about me,
it roared like the rolling of the sea,
Just when I thought I had it figured out,
through fire I must walk,
to be purged of the dross,
through the hands of the Potter,
Rolled, kneaded and molded with water,
Just when I thought I had it figured out,
Jesus showed me that without the hands of the Potter,
There would be no vessel of beauty and grace,
Without the thunder, clouds, lightening and water,
There would be no reason to rejoice in the light of His face,
Without going through the removal of the dross,
There would be no beauty or purity,
Without the work of Christ on the cross,
There would be no reason for me to live,
So I doubt I'll ever have it figured out,
but I'm glad I can put my faith in Him who does,
I can fully trust Him without a doubt,
So I need not worry,

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