Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beeswax, Dried Herbs, & Herbal Oils

 Well I know I haven't posted anything lately and I am very sorry. I have been a little preoccupied lately, but now it seems things may be slowing down and I was so happy to have a few days to myself to get the house in some semblance of order and to get back to my herbs. I have been pretty busy with my herbs lately, since my summer was preoccupied with other things I haven't really had the time to try to keep my herbs garden up either. So to say the least it looks pretty poorly compared to what I would've liked for it to look like. But, I got most of the weeds cleaned out of it and now all I have to do is take the weed eater to the sides and clean out the side I couldn't reach because of all the weeds. Hopefully Dad can get the weed eater fixed so I can get that done by next weekend.

  I had a few orders come in on my website and so I have to fill those (I got my first overseas order...YAY!), so I decided I really needed to make some more oils, get some beeswax and put up my herbs that I had dried a few weeks earlier, so here are the results of the past few days spent on herbs. 

Cleaning the beeswax, it smells sooo good!

Getting ready to double drain the beeswax...boy is that a messy job.

This is not for tender hands...yes, it burns!

Clean beeswax sitting on top of the water.

Finished Product.
So Beautiful!

Preparing Plantain Oil

this almost looks like I am making oregano oil...but it's plantain I promise

Finished Product, now it's ready to go into
a salve, or balm.

Dried Yarrow...waiting to be stripped and
put into jars. One of God's best healing herbs.

Dried smelled oh so good!
The Lavender jar, hopefully I can get it
 filled by the end of the year.
Hope you enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures, I have really enjoyed being able to get back to my herbs ;)
What did you do this summer?

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