Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011 Part 1

Don't let this fool you...there were a lot of big boxes.

This year Christmas seem to come upon us so fast, I didn't do very many posts about it except my year end letter to all of you. I thought since I didn't post all of these photos when they happened I'd just make a slide show and I'd do a little post about each one so you would know what went on with me and my wonderful family during Christmas.

Making Christmas Gifts
 This year our funds were limited, so we were trying to think of ways that we could still give our friends gifts and they be very nice and sentimental but also cheap. So, we got out our craft books, country-know-how books, and home decor books and a few magazines...Noel came up with many of the ideas, in fact I think I only had two ideas that actually came to is what we made:
~ Crochet head bands that doubled as a necklace
~ Chocolate covered cherries
~ Wind Chimes
~ Rock necklaces
~ A Tea Tray made out of a picture frame, drawer handles, & pictures
~ A Pomander made out of oranges & herbs
I think there were a few more things but I don't remember what they are :'( sorry.

Ladies Ornament Exchange
 The Roberts' ladies always put together an ornament exchange for the ladies of our church, it's always so much fun. This year I was especially encouraged because as I talked among the young ladies I always encountered something about Jesus in the conversation, I rarely heard much about themselves (unless it had to do with what He was doing in their lives). I also was able to have a conversation with one of my close friends Rachel V. who seems to always make me think about Christ, she always asks me where I am in my quiet time and such. I love the ornamen exchange, but I was so encouraged to hear that everyone seemed to be focused on "Things above" instead of the earthly things.

Nanny's Christmas
 We usually gather at my grandparents house (or Nanny & Pop's House, as we calle it) on December 19th, but this year it was on the 17th because of people having to work on that day, etc. Nanny always out does herself and although it's just finger foods it was delicous.
 I was glad this year that we were able to have another year with Pop, his health is going down hill and you never know when the LORD might call him home, this year the LORD has really made me realize how precious life really is and how I should cherish each and every moment that I get to spend with my extended family members.

Christmas Eve
 Christmas eve is usually either really busy or really slow...this year was pretty busy. I had to get everything prepared "meal-wise" for Christmas day, since it was a Sunday and we would be going to church, I also had to clean house.
 We always attend Nanny's church for the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and then we come home and listen to the Radio Theatre's version of Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol. Rachel and Foster then either go to bed or go and do their own thing at the back of the house, so that us "women folk" can get their gifts wrapped and put things out on their chairs...

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