Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Night With Our Very Own Night Fury

Ok, so it's not really our very own night fury...but Braveheart our dog comes in pretty close with the exception of the fire-breathing (thank God). I'm telling you if Toothless was real Braveheart would be his brother, their personality and looks are so much alike that the movie How to Train Your Dragon has been inducted into the Strickland "Hall of Fame" Here are just a few pictures of a special movie night with our dog...and yes, we were watching How to Train Your was probably about our 5 or 6th time renting it and bout our 10th time watching I said it's a new family favourite:

Ha Ha, that was a pretty funny joke ;-)
(that crooked smile runs in the family in case anyone wanted to know)


Ise a purty dog

Ok, he's not a's just the flash caused his eyes to look green ;-)

Oh, I smell foooood

gimme gimme gimme

I was a good boy so Elisha gave me a treat...yummy!!!

I Love me some Brookie

Brookie loves me too!

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