Thursday, November 18, 2010

More 'bout Herbs

Well ya'll here is another herb post ;-) Well not exactly, I just wanted to let ya'll see the books that I got from the library yesterday. I think the lady at the desk thought we were crazy o_O. I didn't deny it :-P I guess coming to the desk with gardening books and herbal how-to's is like getting "How to build a snowman" in the middle of summer...LOL... But like I said I never said I wasn't crazy ;-)
Here is what I got:

Haven't read this one, but it looks like it will be good

This one looks really good and I can't wait to feast on this one ;-)

I have looked at both of these and I LOVE the Aromatherapy book (I am hooked on aromatherapy (-:)
I liked the Edible Wild Plants book, but it was a lot of stuff I already knew.

OK, so this is my Favourite book so far, I am still devouring it ;-)

All of my books together ;-)

I got this one to see if I could use my herbs more in a culinary way as well,
I don't suggest was all yucky looking stuff
( I got grossed out just reading their combinations, who comes up with these things?)

Haven't read this one, but I am definitely looking forward to it
Well hopefully later I will be able to let ya'll know what I have learned ;-)

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