Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wednesday November 3rd, 2010 ~ Dirty water just comes with the job

Well today was an eventful yet uneventful day ;) I haven't really done that much except look up some herbal salves and remedies. What was funny (well, not exactly ...but sort of) is that as I was looking all of this up when my phone rang, Daddy was on the other end he asked me if I had an herbal gargle, I asked him "why"? and he said that he had been working on a dishwasher and as he took the hose off the pump, water sprayed him right in the face, particularly the mouth area, it was of course dirty left over dishwater...ugh...I promised to look it up, I knew there were plenty of gargles and I knew I had plenty of antiseptic herbs he could use, but I wanted to look up recipes anyway ;)
 I found one that was easy and only had to sit an hour, it had 8 oz of water 3 Tablespoons of sea salt O_o(yea, that's what Daddy said after he gargled the stuff :P ), 3 drops of tea tree oil, and 3 drops of clove oil and it had to mixed and sit for an hour ;)
 I think that Daddy's face almost turned inside out with all that salt. I did learn a lot about making salves though, it was a very interesting and productful day all and all.

have I mentioned that I LOVE HERBS & MY DADDY!!!!


  1. Thanks Christie ;) I think Daddy thought it was pretty funny as well after the fact ;)