Friday, January 7, 2011

Herbs in the Medicine Cabinet, Herbs on the Floor

Well once again I am back on my beloved subject ;) HERBS!!!

Well I cleaned out our medicine cabinet and here is what's left:

Yep, all  herbs, vitamin, and homeopathic was so nice to get my herbs out of the pantry, now we actually have room to put the macaroni up there ;)  it is so very nice!!! I had a lot of fun doing it and then I made a paper to put up in the medicine cabinet so everyone would know what to do (in the event that I am not at home to tell them).

I also found a few herbs at Ingles the other day, I don't usually do my "herb" shopping this early or while I am in the grocery store, but I happened to be passing the gourmet section of Ingles and saw the plants and I just couldn't keep away, so I went over and found these three darlings:

front to back: Mountain Mint, Thyme, Rosemary

Mountain Mint (My Favorite!!!)
I am so excited about these three new baby's, I don't know about my family already have about six baby aloe plants on the floor waiting to be sold at the Farmer's Market in the spring. I wonder sometimes if they are going to make it to the spring time, they get tripped over, knocked over, etc. I know that they are probably somewhat in the way, but I don't have a green house or a place to just set them in the window. Well I guess they (my family) will be happy in the spring when I get all my plants out of the house!!! But I am just so glad to have those plants.
 I was even more excited when I found the Mountain Mint, it is very useful medicinally and I am already in love with it!!! Here are a few things that it is good for:
- laundry freshner (put in a muslin bag and throw in the dryer with wet clothes)
- safe bug repellent
- kills pain of a tooth ache
- fevers
- coughs and colds
- sooths irritated skin (as a bath additive)
- carpet freshner
- and much much more

I couldn't believe how much it could be used for, I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH!!!! I hope that you have enjoyed this as much as I have. Hope to see you again soon!

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