Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ok ya'll I don't usually get this excited unless I am out my herb garden barefoot, but I AM, can you tell? Today I got in the last 2 books that I ordered from for a steal, I ordered seven books all together for about 40ish dollars, and that was only because of the shipping otherwise it would have been a LOT less (I payed under a $1 for 4 of them). I don't usually pay that much for anything but I have seen these books in bookstores and looked them up on the Internet and I know that they are well worth it and that they would have cost a lot more had I bought them full I am very HAPPY!!!!
 I got the first (and most expensive one) in on Friday, January 21st and then three came Saturday morning,  but Daddy didn't find it til later that afternoon (you should've seen me trying to tear into the package, I was like a mad and of course the last two came today, I thought I was going to die because whoever packaged them was a firm believer in tape (I'm talking 2 or 3 layers here) and it took me at least 2 minutes to get them open (I finally resorted to a knife...yea, I know it would have taken less time if I'd a tried that in the first place, but when your adrenaline is up about something like this you don't really think in the most rational sense. is what I got (in the order I got them):

Mr. Green really knows how to write an herbal book. I love the illustrations and how he describes things.
He loves what he does as an herbalist and it really shows through his writing...I can't wait to feast my eyes on the rest of the book!!! 

If this looks familiar it's because I actually rented this from our library. I loved it so much that I bought it and three other books that I had rented, this isn't my favourite, but it may actually be one that I use most often.

Yep, this is one that I had rented from the library, I really LOVED this book from the very first sentence Mrs. Keville knows how to explain all things herbal so that anyone can understand them. I really loved the layout of the book and all the knowledge that she helped me attain through it. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!!

I never thought that I would ever get into aromatherapy, I thought it was bogus (and there are some bogus aromatherapy claims out there, believe me). But, once I started growing herbs and just breathing in their fragrance and knowing that smell makes your body have different reactions I knew there had to be something to it, this book just lets you know what all the ancient and most used medicinal aromatherapy is and what it helps and how. Very informative!!!

This book looks like it's going to be really great, I just flipped through it and read a few things in it. It is a lot like an Encyclopedia in it's form and I like that (makes it easier to look up things quickly). I know I am going to enjoy this one!!!
This one is something that I didn't actually want, I thought it was another book (Herbal Remedy Gardens) that I had flipped through at an art center in the blue ridge mountains, but this book is actually it's sister book. I flipped through it and it looks like it's going to be really great as well, but I may order it's sister pretty soon!!!
This one I haven't read yet, but  I flipped through it...this is probably going to be my least favorite.
Basically it's like a PDR (Physicians Desk Reference), so it's a good reference, but I probably won't use as much as the others. But it still was worth what I paid for it!!!

Well, I hope ya'll enjoyed these as much as I did...sorry you can't read them along with me...but, you can always ask me questions (not saying I will know the answer right away, considering how forgetful I am)!!!! Thanks for reading and hopefully I will keep up with my blog a little better than I have been!!!

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