Monday, March 14, 2011

To Everything There is a Season

"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven... a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. "
~Ecclesiastes 3:1&2~

 This past weekend and the beginning of this week I was able to finally get outside and get some work done. I got the rest of my herb garden tilled up, weeded and my garlic planted. I have widened my garden considerably and since the weather has been so warm, my herbs from last year are coming back with a are just a few pics:

All of my plants from last year (all of these were on the edges of my old garden
so you can tell how much we've widened it just by looking at these plants.
This is my applemint and if you look at the picture above it you
can tell that is it sending out several more runners, so this plant
will be pretty big by summer (you can also see that it has sent
runners under the lavender, if you look closely).
My oregeno, it has actually grown a LOT since it started warming up
I hope it continues, I love grabbing a handful to chop up and put on
a homemade (or store bought) pizza.
Lambs Ear, I love this plant it is one of my favs. All I have to do
if I hurt myself is grab one of these leaves and wrap it around
whatever I have hurt and whalla, a natural band aid.
Wild Lavender...this is by far better than any hybrid lavender
I have found, the smell is so intense.
...see the little applemint creeping under it.
Although you can't see much green this is my Lemon Balm...
I love the smell and it will probably get a lot bigger once the sun
starts staying out longer ;)
Lemon Thyme, I love the smell of this plant...I could rub it all day.
Echinacea Leaves...hopefully they will bloom this year!!!
Being very hopeful!!!

My veregated oregeno...I may move this to my smaller garden
since it is so small and it really is in an inconvient spot.
Bee Balm, I thought it was dead...but apparently not.
It definately isn't as big as I would like, but I am just
glad it's alive!
Another view of my garden...the wet spot is where I just planted
my garlic...hopefully I will have some sprouts to show you soon!
Juniper, I haven't planted it yet but I am hoping to get it in the
ground by tonight...we'll see what happens with that!
It will be my edging on one side ;)
Plantain...need I say more?
Yarrow...isn't it just purty ;)
My lil garden...the garden that got me interested in herbs.
Another oregeno plant that I planted from seed 2 or 3 years ago.
I thought that this wasn't going to do anything and that it would
certainly die through the rough winter since it was puny in the
first place...just goes to show you that weathering the storm makes
 you stronger....the leaves are three times as wide as they were last year.
I am really proud of my Chives!!!
I also decided to go ahead and try to mark off and plan what I wanted my garden to look like, instead of waiting 'til last minute and just throwing everything in there wherever it would go. So I drew out a plan and marked off a few things for those I am just waiting on April 9th when I go herb shopping with my Best Friend...I have bought a few seed packs and I took a few pics so here are those:
Ok, so there was more than just a few :P
The Garlic I planted today ;)

Plans for the 'lil herb garden

Plans for the big herb garden!
I hope you enjoyed all the pics, cause I certainly enjoy looking out my back door to see all of these medicinal herbs growing there. May God Bless!!!

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