Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Masks, Discovery, Books, and Other Things...

Healing Mask
Ok, so yea, that looks a little gross...But, it works. Of course we looked like little green monsters:

you could feel it sucking out the bad stuff ;) it actually felt very invigorating!!! You can find this particaular mask here.

I got another herb book in yesterday that I ordered off of Amazon, if it looks familiar that's because it is a sister book to one I ordered before:

Herbal Remedy Gardens By Dorie Byers.
Sister book to Herbal Tea Gardens.

I was so excited today because I found out what a certain "weed" in our yard is. At first when I saw it coming up, I thought is was my pinapple mint coming back with a vengence, but upon closer inspection (rubbing, smelling and looking a bit closer at the leaves) I cam to the conclusion that it was not, but that it probably was a mint of some sort. So, I picked one of the flowering heads and brought it in and searched through pictures of mint, until I found it, here is what it looks like:

This is called "Henbit" or "Purple Nettle or sometimes combined as "Henbit Nettle", or if you are looking for it's latin name: Lamium amplexicaule L.
 It is supposedly good on salads or if you want something to chew while out in the wild it's good for that;) If you feel like cooking throw a few in with your greens.
I of course had to find out if there was any medicinal value to it, so to the search engine again. Does it? Oh yeah, it is antirheumatic, excitant, fever-reducing, laxative, stimulant, and has agents that induce sweating. So will I let anyone mow or dig this weed *Clears throat* excuse me, Herb up...NO WAY!!!

I have also been mothering several aloe plants and rooting my spicy globe basil from last year, here are two that are out enjoying the sun:

Lookin good, huh?
I had to take a few picks of my up and coming plantain, as you know it is one of my favorite plants and I personally use it for a cure-all ;) So here are the plants that are coming up right now (hopefully they will get really big this Summer):
this is a nice little patch that got into my garden, most people would weed it,
Not me, I was so happy to see it had made it's home in a welcome place.

You can actually see a bit of henbit in there

Well I have plenty of house work that needs to be done, so I must say good bye. Lord willin I'll see ya'll again sometime soon!!!!

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