Thursday, February 24, 2011

Garden Time Makes Me Happy

Well today has been one of those days for me, I haven't done a lot besides clean the kitchen and living room and run a few errands. I feel like I have been so lazy and I have this cold that just won't go away...not that I have actually had it for awhile, this is my second day, but for me that's waaay to long.

But towards the end of the day Daddy fixed up the big tiller that we borrowed from Nanny & Pop and tilled up my garden...YAY!!! I would have done it myself, but Daddy was able to, and it does look like it could conquer little ole me (I doubt it). Here are the few pictures that I took...also there are a few of the vegetable garden that Foster tilled up yesterday and Noel has persevered to get planted before the rain comes (she has the worst cold). So without further ado here are the pics:
I marked off the garden so Daddy could till it up
Daddy's sittin on the step fixin part of the tiller

While waiting on Daddy to finish fixin the tiller I went around to the
back yard to see what was up there...Braveheart met me with an excited bark and escorted me to the garden

Where I found them hard at work

plantin onions

I returned to make sure Daddy knew what I wanted and he did it perfectly. I am so HAPPY and Thankful that my Daddy helps me out and encouragesus to do this.

Look at that purty dirt

All done and lookin good, now to clean out the weeds and till it with
the little tiller and then get it planted sometime in April...Can't wait.

Rachel and I cleared the driveway and I got a picture
 of Rachel finishin up the job!

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed taking the pics and doing some of the work ;) Hopefully I will have a LOT more Garden posts in the next few weeks :)

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