Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two gals +One truck x Lots of Seedlings = Lots of Fun!

This past weekend I went shopping with my best friend Jess. Now, we shop a little differently from most girls our age. While others might be headed down the road in a honda, mustang, or some other cute or sporty car, listenin to pop music we were headed down the road in this:
listenin to some good ole fashioned Country. And while other girls might be headed to the mall, clothing outlet or somewhere cool to hang out. We gals were headed off to hit up some nurseries:

The first place we went is an awesome little nursery called Farmer D's it has all USDA Organic plants. I found a few herbs and some cayenne peppers, I was a happy gardener...what a way to start off the day!

Yes we love shopping, OUR way!!!

Family Tree Nursery had a wonderful layout and had a lot more herbs than they did last year and they also had some heirloom tomatoes, so Jess and I both were pleased!!!

If you see a cart full of peppers like this, just know it's Jess...that girl LOVES her peppers!!!

Where are those sage plants???

To many to choose from and not enough money :'(


look at my lovely variations of oregeno Jess!!!
 Although we didn't start off like normal 20 something year old gals would have started their Saturday, we did end up where most of the teenagers and 20 something year olds were (although I could have sworn it was a bunch of three year olds in daycare), at the Theatre. We met Mama Cathy (Jessica's Mom and one of my Best Friends) at the theatre and watched Soul Surfer, aside from all the bikini clad girls it was a wonderful movie (made us all cry), but I wouldn't let my guys see it that's for sure.

Here are some pictures of us working in her garden enjoying the plants, dirt and sunshine:

Such a wonderful nostalgic look,  plants in the bed of an old truck

Sooo, when do we get started?

Peakin over all the veggies and herbs

Peakin over the veggies and herbs

Mountain mint...I love this plant.

Mint Julep...smells so good!

Golden Thyme

Blessed Hands!!

Variegated Sage...it's a pretty plant.

Me and Mak workin in the garden

Jess making rows for seeds

Intensely workin in the Garden

 Monday I started planting my garden, I didn't finish but here are some pics:




over $150 for all this stuff!

I always figure out where I am going to put things by setting them up the way I want them planted...

then I will plant them.

But, it took me a good long while just to figure out where everything should go

I finally got it right...well at least I think I did.

I planted a lot of Rosemary and Sage (their good companions), I am actually planning on getting more Rosemary. I want it to be like a hedge of sorts for my garden, although that will take a few years...but I'm willing to wait.

Planting Echinacea

Resting for a minute...if you can tell there is some big Echinacea plants behind the little ones I just planted, they are the ones from last year that I planted from seed and they never bloomed (apparently Echinacea is a Biennial), but this year the blooms are coming in strong...Hallelujah!!!!

Planting the Rosemary and Sage was intense work, I had to get them all in a straight line you know.
Yes I'm a perfectionist...sorry, but it's me!

All in all I have had a wonderful weekend and a great beginning to this week, I can't wait to get my other plants in the ground tomorrow LORD willing and the Creek don't rise.

Farmers, Daughters of Vision, Future Wives & Mothers

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