Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Shall I?

How shall I,
a mere creature of sin,
express with words,
my love and adoration of your presence here in my heart,
I cannot attain a word that is good enough to describe you,
nor can my heart strings give my voice the notes to sing that would glorify your name to the utmost,
How then can I praise you?
If I cannot adore you, why do I breathe?
If I cannot praise you, why does my body still move? 
I will praise you with the only words I know,
With all my breath I will praise you with the words you give me,
With all my heart I will sing the songs that you put into my heart,
Only you can give me the words to say,
Only you can give me the notes to play,
So I will write for you,
So I will sing for you,
For you alone my words will be,
For you I write and speak for all the world to see,
For you alone will my lips open in song,
For you and for you alone, 
My El-Shaddai,
My Elohim
My Adonai,
My Abba Father,
My Alpha & Omega,
The Great I AM.
I will ever be yours,
and I will ever serve you,
For you are MY GOD.

-Elisha (08/16/11)

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