Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving & Turkey Day Pictures

 A time when family can come together around the table and be thankful for one another and for the food that God has provided them with. We all go over to my Grandmothers (or Nanny as we call her) house for Thanksgiving...our whole family tries to be there and I just love being able to be around my family and getting to know each and every one of them better.
Rachel working hard on her yeast rolls

Self-Portrait while making the mac & cheese for
the thanksgiving meal.

My Fall decoration for Nanny's house consisted of fresh herbs and fall leaves

Rosemary, Sage & Mountain Mint just go so well together and smelled so AWESOME

Noel was Nanny's right hand girl, she was washing dishes, cleaning, and doing
whatever needed to be done before the meal was served

The Three Stooges

Make that four ;)

Little Robert

Nanny and Mike (Whitney's Dad)
 (I think he was telling her how to make the, jk!)

Justin my cousin got married this year to his sweet girlfriend Whitney,
this is her family...we enjoyed having them and getting to know them better.

Kelsey and Raybun (he is my second cousin)

Whitney & Raybun, of course everyone wants to hold the baby
and personally I don't think he minded all the attention ;)

Nanny teaching him how to spit out his tongue :P

Another one of my was the centerpiece for the "extra" table

I thought it turned out very well

the wine glasses with the candles in it really added a nice touch

Trae and Justin..not exactly sure what they are doing???

Everyone was really hungry about now

Apparently someone said the food was ready ;)

Man Time

Rochelle (Whitney's Mom) learns how to make gravy

Grandma and Grandson (Rhona & Raybun)

The Table

Everyone sitting around chatting waiting on the food to be ready.

It's ready and Nanny is worn slap out.

Noel fixing the drinks

 Turkey Day
a day designed by the Darby's to get friends and families together to fellowship and play awesome games's always a fun filled day!!!
Getting their game on (L to R: Rachel, Christi, Noel & Maggie)

Knockout was the first game of the day

Rachel did VERY well!

Must have a bit of that Teasley blood in her ;)

GO Rachel GO! Oh wait I am suppose to be cheering for Christi, she's on my team.

Noel did VERY WELL TOO...apparently I didn't get the Teasley side in me :P

Foster is a natural ;)

of course, he has to show us his muscle :P

The Board walk was the first part of the relay race

Looks like they might just have it down



Two Sweet young ladies!

Amy and Noel

They were suppose to do the board walk for their team, so they were practicing here.
But the little people needed something easy to do so it went to them instead.

And I got to do the three legged race with my friend Chelsea,
 and also run blind folded with her on my back...
she had to direct me and she did a pretty good job (all I wanted was not to fall over a hay bale)

Rachel telling the guys how to do it

or maybe it was just a joke ;)

Noel hitting the v-ball over! GO NOEL!

ok, so I don't look my best right here...I have no idea what I was doing
all I know is I was worn out and so that is probably the reason I was
standing like that (can't think of any other reason).
 I just look so weird...but i wasn't going to leave this pic out!

Us girls with Mrs. Suzanne
(definitely a better picture than the one

Noel lobbing eggs at the "turkey's"

the "turkey's" were actually two guys from each team who had to
 grab flags and get to the top of the hill for the pumpkins.
Pumpkins and flags got you points, but pumpkins were more points,
but of course harder to get to.

After and awesome day of games, we went back to the house for some fellowship and food. Noel's team (which was Clay & Hannah's team) placed First, Foster & Rachel's Team (which was Summer & Austins Team) placed fourth and my team (which was Jared and Josh's team) placed Second.


  1. Looks like you had a fun time with family!! I like your outfit, especially the plaid shirt.

    I noticed that you are currently following my old blog "A Handmaiden's Journey" that I no longer blog on. I now write on Hanging On which is my new blog. New look and new writing style!! Hope you check it out!

  2. Alli,
    Thank you so much for commenting, it's always so much fun to see that people actually read my blog!
    I am now following you on your new blog, thanks for the heads up.
    Thank you for complimenting me on my outfit, I love that shirt and am actually wearing it again today!

    Thanks again for the comment!!! <3

  3. I don't know how I missed this post! But I enjoyed reminiscing about it! So glad y'all got some Turkey day pictures!:) Avie

  4. Thanks Av ;) I was hoping you'd get to see these pics =) we had such a great time, glad ya'll were able to have it this year!!! <3 Love ya <3