Monday, June 11, 2012

Farmers Markets

Flowers for Sale at the Johns Creek Farmers Market
I am so sorry to all of my faithful followers, I haven't posted in quite awhile and I am so very sorry. But, I have been very busy and the LORD only knows how much I am able to handle right now. So on to the post!

Well I started the Hartwell Farmers Market at the beginning of May, selling my homemade whole wheat breads, herbs and tea. I was making a profit, although very small it was a profit and I was glad of it. I knew the LORD was working for me to do something bigger and I wasn't sure what that was, but I felt it. A few weeks into the Hartwell Farmers Market I happened upon a lady whom I had become friends with at last years Farmer's Market. She really urged me to check out the Farmers Market that she had been going to the previous year, I said it sounded interesting and I would love for her to recommend me to the lady in charge.
 I wasn't to excited about it, but was interested enough to tell my Dad about it, he actually seemed to be a little more interested than I was and urged me to look into it. I did, but with the opening of the Market being so close I felt that I really was having to make a rushed decision. I decided I would go, it was near Atlanta, which is a two hour drive for us. The day before the market I was stressed and not really knowing if this was what the LORD had planned for me, it all sounded good but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's of the LORD. I began to pray very hard about it. My insurance hadn't gone through yet, so I prayed that if it didn't go through that it would mean that this was not what the LORD wanted me to do, and even though I had already invested a good amount of money in things I was going to praise Him no matter what the outcome, He is my provider and I knew He would give me what I needed no matter what. Well, the insurance went through and so I knew this was where the LORD was leading,
 I haven't made a profit yet, but that's ok. If this is where the LORD wants me, this is where I'll stay until He removes me. Right now I am just enjoying telling people about the healing power of herbs and giving them a smile for Jesus.

Here are a few pictures of my table:

First Week
Second Week:
Right Side of the Table
Fresh Herbs
Full view of table
Dried Herbs
Facial Cleansing Oil and Teas
Reusable tea bags, balm, salves & teas