Monday, June 11, 2012

Farmers Markets

Flowers for Sale at the Johns Creek Farmers Market
I am so sorry to all of my faithful followers, I haven't posted in quite awhile and I am so very sorry. But, I have been very busy and the LORD only knows how much I am able to handle right now. So on to the post!

Well I started the Hartwell Farmers Market at the beginning of May, selling my homemade whole wheat breads, herbs and tea. I was making a profit, although very small it was a profit and I was glad of it. I knew the LORD was working for me to do something bigger and I wasn't sure what that was, but I felt it. A few weeks into the Hartwell Farmers Market I happened upon a lady whom I had become friends with at last years Farmer's Market. She really urged me to check out the Farmers Market that she had been going to the previous year, I said it sounded interesting and I would love for her to recommend me to the lady in charge.
 I wasn't to excited about it, but was interested enough to tell my Dad about it, he actually seemed to be a little more interested than I was and urged me to look into it. I did, but with the opening of the Market being so close I felt that I really was having to make a rushed decision. I decided I would go, it was near Atlanta, which is a two hour drive for us. The day before the market I was stressed and not really knowing if this was what the LORD had planned for me, it all sounded good but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's of the LORD. I began to pray very hard about it. My insurance hadn't gone through yet, so I prayed that if it didn't go through that it would mean that this was not what the LORD wanted me to do, and even though I had already invested a good amount of money in things I was going to praise Him no matter what the outcome, He is my provider and I knew He would give me what I needed no matter what. Well, the insurance went through and so I knew this was where the LORD was leading,
 I haven't made a profit yet, but that's ok. If this is where the LORD wants me, this is where I'll stay until He removes me. Right now I am just enjoying telling people about the healing power of herbs and giving them a smile for Jesus.

Here are a few pictures of my table:

First Week
Second Week:
Right Side of the Table
Fresh Herbs
Full view of table
Dried Herbs
Facial Cleansing Oil and Teas
Reusable tea bags, balm, salves & teas


  1. I think it's great what you are doing. I am also very much into herbs, and would have gotten some from you if you weren't so far away. May the Lord bless you as you seek Him in all things.

  2. Mandy - Thank you for your comments :) I am so blessed to have readers like you! The LORD truly has blessed me in all things!
    If you ever need anything "herbal" my business is online as well just go to, you can also shoot me an email at is always free!!! =) Hope to hear more from you!!!