Friday, February 1, 2013

Spilt Milk, Last Straws & Dirty Soap

Have you ever made soap before? What about liquid soap, no, I don't mean mixing a bar of soap with water, I mean actually making hot process liquid soap? Well if you haven't let me tell ya it's hard work. Today and the past three days I have been in the kitchen, working away on getting several of my liquid soaps ready for this coming weeks promotional meeting, in hopes that I will have a place at a new boutique that will be opening in the Seneca, SC area.

This week the LORD has really been working in my heart to get my focus back on him and off of myself. So although my hormones have been cRaZy because of the time of the month it is, the LORD has really given me the grace to not react as I normally do at this time when things don't go my way or as planned. But, somehow I always throw a monkey wrench in things.

Today I had been busy all morning and all afternoon trying to finish up my concentrated dish soap (which is one of the hardest things to make), last nights had to be "re-done" and I started on anther one as well and was careful to do each step to a "T" so that I would not have a repeat of last nights batch. Well about 2pm I finished and was pouring up my batch when the crock-pot slipped and I spilt half of the batch all over myself as well as the floor, I was trying to keep my balance, but slipping as I tried to get out of the hot mess that I had just created (it had been in the crock-pot for 4-5 hrs on high, so it was pretty hot). I let a few choice words slip as I got out of the mess and my whole family rushed to ask if  "I was ok" to which I responded (wrongfully) "of course I'm not, I just spilled hot soap all over me, get me a towel". As soon as I snapped I was remorseful and apologized, as I sat there crying an cleaning up my mess I thought "LORD, I have a right to be angry, I spent a lot of money on those oils and a lot of time making this to sell" but I knew this was not the right attitude and I think the LORD put this thought in my head "instead of crying over spilt milk and thinking you have a "right" because this was the last straw think of something you could use the "dirty soap" for". I thought well I can't sell it, but it could still save my family money by using it to make pine-sol. So, that my friends is just what I am going to do.

I was also thankful that I have tough skin because I was barely burned by the soap and also thankful that I have a caring family who rushed to see if I was ok because they heard me holler.

It's easy to react the way people expect and the way that you want to react, and I did that today, but the LORD helped me to overcome the evil thoughts and think of a good use for the "dirty soap". When you feel like reacting over spilt milk, or the last straw think of my dirty soap and remember that the LORD can help you overcome and give you a reason to rejoice because of the dirty soap.

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