Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hope Chest - New Stuff

Unlike the picture above suggests, I do not in fact have a wedding dress to add to my hope chest....although if I found one I liked, looked good on me, was vintage, and was cheap, I would get it to put in there ;) I am just a sucker for a good bargain.
 A hope chest is usually a chest that is passed down from a mother to a daughter that over the years of the girls life is filled with many useful things that will help her to start her own home, once she is married. I have a chest that my grandmother will pass to me, once I marry.  My grandmother has some things that are more for me to just keep in the family rather than be useful for anything other than "looking at" which is fine (it's nice to have some things like that in your home).
 I started collecting things in '08 with a little bit of money from my job that I had back then. I would shop around and find useful kitchen utensils, a pot here, a pan there, a wooden spoon, a grater, etc (you get the point) if it was a good price then I got it. I never spent over $15 on anything, in fact almost everything I have bought is/was under $1.
Today I went yard-sale & Thrift store shopping with Noel and my friend Lori, I got a dress, a few skirts and 2 purses for a really good deal...under $6. But, I also found these things to add to my hope chest...just to let you know, I have already moved several boxes full of my hope chest stuff to the attic and I have it all inventoried as well...yea I'm just awesome like that!
 I know many of you like to keep up with what I have gotten and to see what I have, so I took some pictures just so you could see what I got, I hope you enjoy and I hope it inspires you to be frugal, and think ahead!
If you know me well you know that I am so in LOVE with these
Golden Harvest Drinking Jars, I have always loved drinking out
of mason jars and remembered that I had used some with handles
as a child. So, me being the bargain hunter that I am began to look
for them in thrift stores and antique stores, I usually find about  1-2
every 2-3 months and I always pay about $1 or less each.
Well today I hit the JACKPOT, we went to a yard sale and I spotted
these sitting on the table, EIGHT of them at .50 a piece. I probably could have
talked them down, but I was so overjoyed at finding so many of them that I was
happy to pay that much.

I love pottery, which is what this is, I think it is more of like a serving bowl.
But, I'll find some good use for it, especially since I only payed .75.
This kind of pottery usually goes for around $5-$20.

Butter Crock.... only cost .59 ....WOW, what a deal!!!

as you can see there is a chip in the side, but it's perfectly
rounded to make it look like it's the place to set the serving
knife and/or spoon.

Country Stylin Coffee mugs...sooo cute @ .50 ea

cute little pottery coffee mug for .50 too.

I got three of these little bitty brown and white pottery coffee mugs
thought they'd be cute for a small cup of tea or for the children to use.

Top view of all I got today!

Side view of all the stuff I got today!
Payed $8.09 for all of it!!!

Man I had so much fun getting this stuff, it makes me wanna go find some more...but I think I better lay off for awhile ;)

So what's in your Hope Chest? Have you started one? Do you have an actual Chest? I would love to hear from you through comments!!!

Wanna see the rest of my stuff, here are the links to older posts of what I have gotten in the past:


  1. I love the butter crock. I would love to have one and am looking. I don't get out enough these days to find the marvelous deals you are finding. I love that you are frugally accruing items you really like for your hope chest to use in your own home one day. I wish I had done the same as a girl. You are so beautiful on the inside and out. Love your sweet spirit and your keen mind. Love ya and God bless!

  2. If I find another butter crock that's in good condition and is really cheap I'll be sure to pick it up for you, I have found many of them but never really thought they were to good of a price to actually buy one...but, I couldn't pass one up for .59c. =)
    Thank you so much for commenting and always giving encouragement, I hope I can see you one day soon! We live so close yet can never seem to get together ;) Love you too & May God Bless!
    Your Friend,
    Elisha <3 (2 Cor. 12:9-10)

  3. Yay for your finds! I don't "officially" have a hope chest, though I realized that I have been packing away some special things, like letters, etc. Plus, I don't really have the room right now, but maybe someday. :) It's been fun to see yours!

    God bless!

  4. Kori,
    I also have letters and other "special" things that I have packed away too, I am not actually able to use my "official" Hope Chest...and my stuff definitely would take up waaaay more room than that little chest can hold, so needless to say the attic will have to do until I do have my own home. Plus, I didn't know until last year I had a real "hope chest".
    Maybe sometime soon you will have the room to collect a few things. For me it's really just the thrill of the find and the thrill of knowing I will be using it one day.