Thursday, September 22, 2011

To Everything There is a Season...

"To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven"
~Ecclesiastes 3:1~

The Single Years...I have twenty three of them to be exact, yep that would be me, the single 23 year old ;). It's hard sometimes to know what to do with them (the single years) and to be content with them. The past few birthdays that have come my way (as they seem to do every year on the 21st day of September), I have found myself sighing with the same discontented sigh..."Another year of being single" it seems to say. But this year I have prayed about it and I am resolved that I am going to be content with what the LORD has given me. He has shown me so many things over the past twenty three years, of course my life hasn't been easy in some ways, but Jesus Christ has been my constant friend and bearer of my burdens.

I have often noticed that girls, younger than I complain of being single or say things such as "I just can't wait", and knowing that I have done the same thing I would love to just speak to all the younger girls and even ladies my age who have a problem waiting.

As a very close friend of mine wisely stated a few years back (whom I might add is a few years younger than I), "Life does not begin when a man comes into your life (i.e when you begin courtship or when you get married).".

Your life began/begins when Christ came/comes into your heart, and the only thing that you should be focused on is Him (1 Cor. 7:34-35). We as young women have so much more that we could be doing, there are many different things I would love to learn if I could before marriage, I have chosen one and that is herbalism. I hope to accomplish more in my lifetime, but for now I am just focusing on that.

God doesn't call us to be the bread winners, or to be domineering over men, but neither does He call us to a life of day dreams and wishful thinking either. We mustn't go through life wishing away every moment on something that might be in the near or distant future. God calls us to live in the now, to share the Gospel, to learn new things and to be His child.

Yes, we need to think about the future and plan for the things to come, but we cannot and should not "live" in it as if it is some fantasy game to be played. I can think of a million times I have done this and those million times I had to repent because it is wrong.

So here I sit on the night of my 23rd Birthday and I beg you young ladies to get up from your computer screen with a renewed sense of singleness to rethink what we so often think of as drudgery. Think of it as a time of ministry, of mission work, a time of preparing and learning for the future. A season in which the LORD is preparing you for what He has for you in the future.

God calls us to be wives and mothers, I fully believe that it is my calling and that is specifically what God made me for. But, God will bring these things to pass in His own good time and I as His daughter should not only be willing to wait, but willing to do it with a joyful and contented heart. Content to be His daughter and to put my full, total and complete trust in Him.

Don't wish away this season of your life, there is a purpose to it...


  1. Happy birthday, Elisha! Thanks for sharing this really blessed me. These are some of the same things that God has been putting on my heart as well.

    May this year be full of blessings for you and draw you into a deeper and sweeter relationship with Christ!

  2. Thank you so much Kori! You are a blessing to me and I always look foward to seeing another blog post come into my inbox ;) May God Bless you as well in your relatioship with Him and may it grow sweeter as the days go by!

  3. I love you, Girl! God is at work in wonderful and visible ways in your life - I have been constantly encouraged seeing you exude confidence, contentment, rest, and joy IN the Lord! Your life and attitude are a challenge and inspiration for me to keep my eyes on Jesus and remember to live each and every moment where I am for Him, because they are all opportunities given by Him! Thanks for allowing the Lord to shine His love and grace through you. Hope you had a wonderous birthday!
    Love, Bethany

  4. Thank you Bethany for such encouraging words, you have been a constant friend and encourager for me ;) I love you and your family so much!
    I did have a wonderful birthday, Thank you!

  5. Well said, Elisha! Happy, Happy B-Day to a remarkable young woman!!! Your life's journey has lead you and caused you to be a deep thinker.......deep thinkers have the opportunity to richly influence others in their walk of faith in Christ Jesus. Deep thinkers affect generations to come.......especially those who record the Godly wisdom gleaned from their life's journey. I'm so happy you are learning to enjoy your beauty, your single hood and the unique steps only you are led to have. I love you Miss Elisha Strickland! I love reading about your journey of faith. I have a suggestion or a long term challenge for you. =]) I make this challenge because your deep thinking reminds me of a writer from another generation who has affected so many lives spiritually. Here's the challenge: Make it a goal to real all of C.S Lewis's books. I've had this as a personal goal and have not accomplished the goal, yet. Lewis's deep thinking boggles my mind at times because it takes so much time to think deeply. As a single woman you may be able to keep your mind on the path of deep thoughts that build on each other. I wish I had embraced single hood with more confidence and a while longer. Your Mom and I went into marriage with out reaching the spiritual maturity you are attaining while single. God has been merciful and I can see how spiritual maturity enriches a marriage mightily. Keep on keeping on and may you grow more and more content with the Savior, Christ Jesus.

    Donna Walker

  6. Thank you Miss Donna for your encouraging words. I may try to read all of Lewis' works, I have read all of the Chronicles of Narnia, Screwtape Letters and I think there is one more but I can't remember the name of it ;) Lewis probably my favorite and most respected author. I love everything I have read from him and he was a great apologist!