Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Own Thanksgiving

The Dinner Table
Well all, I did it...well, we did it. We had Thanksgiving at our house and I realized that I REALLY am like my Grandmother (on my Dad's side). We have never really had Thanksgiving dinner at our house, we have always just gone over to my Grandmother's house and I would fix macaroni and cheese and maybe the ham if asked...but the ham is always a pre-cooked ham that has a pour on glaze... and Noel always makes sweet potato pies. Soooo this year my cousins fiance's parents asked my Grandparents to come to their house for Thanksgiving, so we were going to have her Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. Daddy still wanted us to do a dinner for Thanksgiving. Well we had just about everything we needed except the turkey and ham (our Thanksgiving dinner has to have a ham) and the supplies for the sweet potato pies (hey, I ryhmed) =) So we headed out to the stores to get the turkey and ham other stuff on wednesday, I even got a table clothe on sale to put on our table, I was so excited that I got to do a Thanksgiving dinner all by myself. I started the Macaroni & cheese, ham, turnip greens, green beans and soaked the black eyed peas that evening. We knew Brooke was going to have to work until 7pm so of course it was going to be for supper, but we started about mid morning preparing the turkey, finishing the macaroni & cheese etc. everything was ready by 8:30pm, but Thanksgiving day is a very busy day for Cracker Barrel do Brooke had to stay a little later (not her fault of course) she got to our house about 9:30 and we had supper. I am so thankful for my family and the fact that we can be flexible!!!! We had a wonderful evening talking and laughing and eating good food ;) Daddy wanted to watch the movie called The Christmas Card so Brooke brought it over and we watched it...ahhhh what a wonderful evening with the family. Here are some pics:
The Table Settings
Food & Preperation
The Dinner
The LORD really blessed us ;) We had such a wonderful time and I was so relieved that everything turned out perfectly!!! I was just going to expound on the pictures a little bit so here tis:
Table Settings
I used Hymn books to put the small candles on it matched perfectly and thought it help make a good center piece and a good way to have them on hand if we wanted to sing and worship the LORD. The Pumpkin in the middle I have had for a long time, I won it at fall festival drawing. The leaves...well God made those and I just went outside and picked the most colorful ones ;) The chargers were on sale at Walmart as well as the table cloth, which is really the only reason I made the whole table look so nice anyway...otherwise it would have just a been a plain ole table with no decorations ;)
Food & Preperation
It took us probably a whole day with all the hours we put into making all this stuff, but it was exciting for all three of us girls to get to do a Thanksgiving dinner ;) and it was great bonding time =)
The Dinner
 Well it was wonderful, God has blessed me so much with such a wonderful family. The dinner would have been wonderful even if I'd burnt the Turkey or if we had no turkey at all. God is SOOOO VERY Good to this daughter of his.
And for those wanting to know the bottled drink is not wine, it's organic Sparkling Berry Cider, it is oooohhhh so good too!!! and the stuff with the foam on the top is ginger ale mixed with sherbert ...thats YUMMY too!!!!
How did your Thanksgiving go?

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